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AsiaTechub(M) Sdn Bhd, The prominent tech solution provider, had launched TILOJ back in October last year.

This application runs on mobile devices and functions as a tool for the company workforce to digitally record data of activities on the field, and have them stored in a cloud-based system. This makes it easier for managers at the main office to access field data promptly and at any time. Moreover, TILOJ serves the needs of both operational and administrative to manage your efficiency better.

The shift into technological growth is already making great strides for different industries across the board. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and learning machines are technological advancements that will play a vital role in the evolution of industry applications.

AsiaTechub foresees the most potential in implementing the IR 4.0 technology, which will increase yield, reduce wastage and automate processes. This ultimately increase profits and reduce risks at every stage of the ecosystem.


The TILOJ system modules are categorized in three modules subject to client requirements:

Essential Modules

  • Administrators Module
  • Project Manager’s Module
  • Task Module
  • System Message
  • Timesheet management Module
  • Notification Module
  • Site Supervisor’s Modules
  • Site Co-Ordinator’s Module

Basic Modules

  • HR Module
  • Purchase Manager’s Module
  • Support Module
  • CMS Module
  • Inspector Officer’s Module
  • Site Safety Officer’s Module
  • Material’s /Inventory/Warehouse Module
  • Driver’s Module


Challenges faced in industries and how TILOJ can bring values to increase efficiency

User Case 1:

Oil plantation companies need not rely on a manual paper-based log or other long process methods. TILOJ can offer planters to digitally record data of activities on their device from the field and have them stored in a cloud-based system.

User Case 2:

Increases traceability and monitoring of field operations from the estate/plantation to the processing facility at palm oil mill as well.

User Case 3:

Improved daily operations for your nursery, vehicle, inventory, finance, procurement and agronomic functions.

User Case 1:

TILOJ creates on-site estimates for construction and repair projects by quantifying materials, labour, and equipment needed to complete projects

User Case 2:

TILOJ to include hundreds of inspection items pre-loaded into checklist templates. This allows superintendents to plan inspections in minutes

User Case 3:

Enter the room dimension into the TILOJ system, along with area or length and receive the number of drywall sheets needed for your sheet size.

Calculate material needs with the roof, drywall, or masonry functions to determine how much siding, panels or sheets you need.

Security Workforce
User Case 1:

GPS tracking and real time incident reporting for improvements in employee accountability and efficiency.

User Case 2:

Assessing potential security risks and taking steps to mitigate them. This is done for guards to provide increased reporting as a precautionary action prior to the event day/premise to be guarded -rather than an afterthought.

User Case 3:

A rapid response system to any signs of security breach on site.

User Case 4:

Offering training and learning resources to the employees, they can also make the transition go more smoothly so that their team is better able to adapt to the new system and deliver better results.

User Case 5:

High-quality technology dashboards, the use of real-time activity feeds, live metrics, tracking devices.

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